On the hunt for Trolls, Castles and Wine – Loschy Abroad

On the hunt for Trolls, Castles and Wine – Loschy Abroad

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m about to embark on a 2 week inspiration trek across the globe! Today I fly out of LAX and head to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to research and photograph the architecture that will make up some of the future Loschy Designs collections. Here are the details of my trip:


After about 16 hours and 3 flights total, I’ll start out in Bergen, Norway. The city looks absolutely beautiful and is surrounded by fjords and mountains. I’m looking forward to an all day fjord excursion, hiking on Mount Floyen and visiting the recreation of Fantoft Stavechurch (The one Count Grishnak notoriously burnt down in the 1990s).


Next up is the city of Copenhagen, Denmark where I’ll meet up with my college pal Jojo. I’m looking forward to hanging out in Tivoli, exploring the many castles, and sampling Danish beers.


The final stop in my journey is Croatia. My pal and I will start in Split, then take a ferry to the island of Hvar, and finally drive down the coast to Dubrovnik. I cannot wait to tour the old city with its enriched history (that was also used for filming Game of Thrones).

Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM for updates! I’ll be posting lots of pictures and a recap when I get home mid-August. Bye for now!

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